Monday, November 9, 2015

Triple C Cyclocross Weekend - Tucson, AZ

It was a whirlwind weekend for the Dynamix crew - 2 full days of racing at the Triple C Cyclocross Race in Tucson, AZ.  We had 3 racers out this weekend giving it their all for a total of 4 races.  A big thanks to Deanna Young for the awesome pics and to AZ Cross for another fantastic race weekend!

Day 1

All 3 of our racers participated in the juniors 9-18 race.  It was a tough battle for both the girls and boys on a challenging course.  Emma battled it out with some tough competition to take 1st overall.  Liam and Barrett also faced a tough crowd, finishing in 2nd and 4th respectively.
On the starting line

Liam chasing after the leader, Tanner

Emma going deep into the pain cave
Barrett was locked into a battle with Randy all morning

Podium for boys 9-18
1st - Tanner
2nd - Liam
3rd - Randy
Podium for girls 9-18.
1st - Emma
2nd - Brayden (absent for awards)
3rd - Avery

After the juniors race, the boys chose to participate in the Men's Cat 5 race to get more practice on the course.  They significantly improved their dismount and remount skills.  Both of them completed the race and looked great!

Day 2

The course was reversed for day 2.  Some new barriers were added, making this course far more challenging than the previous day.  The junior boys had some tough competition with the addition of 4 racers all over 14.  The field for the girls remained the same as the previous day.  Liam and Barrett looked strong on course, finishing 5th and 6th respectively, just behind the teenagers.  Emma crashed on the first lap to find herself dead last.  She battled all the way back to 1st to take the win!  All 3 kids showed an amazing amount of grit and determination on this tough course.  They all chose to race again in the Men's Cat 5 and Women's Cat 4.  These kids are an inspiration!

Liam fighting to catch the lead group

Barrett giving it his all to stay ahead of Axel

Emma pushing hard to get back into contention after a crash

Barrett, Emma, and Liam after Day 2
of racing
Girls 9-18 podium
Emma - 1st
Brayden - 2nd
Avery - 3rd

Sock triplets!

Group family shot at the end of Day 2

Monday, November 2, 2015

Flagstaff Cyclocross Weekend

Another weekend, another great race!  We were up in Flagstaff this weekend supporting our kiddos for the 2nd CX race of the season.  The weather was chilly and the course was challenging.  All 3 racers looked great out there!  They persevered up and over some very challenging barriers to grab podium spots:  3 racers - 3 podium finishes.  Next stop - Tucson for back to back races next weekend!

Waiting on the start line

This hill was challenging
even for the adults,
but all 3 kids made it
up and over multiple times!

Podium finishes for all three:
Emma 1st place girls 9-18
Liam 2nd place boys 9-18
Barrett 3rd place boys 9-18