Monday, December 21, 2015

AZ State Cyclocross Championships - Gilbert, AZ

Sunday marked the final day of the cyclocross season in Arizona with the AZ State CX championships.  We were much better prepared today!  The weather was forecast to be the same.  The kids were properly dressed and well hydrated for today's challenge.  Tensions were high on the start line with everyone anxious to begin the battle.  Both Liam and Barrett had excellent starts.  Liam pulled into 1st place in his category and never looked back.  After yesterday's loss, he was determined and riding in a different realm today.  He was on fire!!  He came in 1st more than 2 minutes ahead of the competition.  Barrett was locked in a battle with Cyrus for 1st in his category on the first lap.  After a cat and mouse chase, back and forth for 1st, Barrett broke away and formed a huge gap!  He crossed the line for his first CX win of the season!

Emma and Avery were racing for the girls and did very well.  Emma was riding unopposed in her category, but still put in an all out effort riding strong the entire race!  Avery, coming off a illness that sidelined her yesterday, also rode strong despite not feeling well.  She rode in for 2nd place overall.  These girls are fierce and an inspiration!

We are so proud of the Dynamix Devo crew for the hard work they put in all season.  This was everyone's first time racing CX, although you would never guess it based on the results.  This season we finished with:

*27 AZ Cross Series Podium Finishes
*2 AZ Cross Series 1st Place Finishes (Boys 9-18 & Girls 9-18)
*1 AZ Cross Series 2nd Place Finish (Girls 9-18)
*3 AZ State CX Championship 1st Place Finishes (Boys 9-10, Boys 11-12, Girls 9-10)
*1 AZ State CX Championship 2nd Place Finish (Girls 11-12)

Congratulations to the team and a huge thank you to our sponsors who have supported us all season:

*Bicycle Haus of Scottsdale
*Four Peaks Family Dentistry of Scottsdale
*Stans NoTubes
*GU Nutrition
*Wolf Tooth Components
*Maxxis Tires
*Biz Core Strategic Online Marketing

Another BIG thank you to all the parents who were committed to bringing out their kids to the events.  We couldn't have done it without your support! We want to give a special thanks to Deanna Young (Barrett's mom) for all of the amazing photos throughout the season.  

We are looking forward to a short break before the start of the MBAA mountain bike race series and the road criterium race series coming up in January.

On the start line anxiously awaiting to take off!

2015 AZ State Cyclocross Champion Boys 9-10
Barrett Belanger
2nd Place - Cyrus, 3rd Place - Axel

2015 AZ State Cyclocross Champion Girls 9-10
Emma Clark

2015 AZ State Cyclocross Champion Boys 11-12
Liam Clark
2nd Place - Randy, 3rd Andon
2015 AZ State Cyclocross Championship
Avery Wortendyke - 2nd Place
Alyssa 1st

Junior Boys 2015 AZ State Cyclocross Champions
Liam, Ty, & Barrett

Juniors 2015 AZ State Cyclocross Champions
Liam, Ty, Barrett, & Emma

All smiles to end a wonderful season!

Arizona Cross Series Finals - Crossroads Park, Gilbert AZ

After battling through 8 races in the season, we finally made it to the AZ Cross series finale!  The forecast called for sunny skies and temps in the mid to upper 50's at race time.  What we got was cloudy skies and temps hovering in the upper 40's.  It was cold!!  Unfortunately, we did not dress for the occasion and the kids were freezing!  With chattering teeth and shivering bodies, the race was off.  Liam was never able to shake the cold and quickly found himself in 2nd place.  Barrett had a great start and battled with Ty all morning.  Emma was off to a quick start, but dropped to 2nd place half way through lap 1.  In the end, it wasn't in the cards for our crew today.  Liam finished 2nd behind Randy, Barrett held strong for 4th, and Emma came in second behind Alyssa.

The AZ Cross Series Awards were handed out today as well.  We fared much better in the overall standings.  In the Boys 9-18, Liam took the top spot, followed by Tanner (absent) and Randy in 3rd.  Barrett finished 5th in the overall series race.  For the girls, Emma got top honors followed by Avery (absent) in 2nd and Alyssa in 3rd.  Avery was home sick, so her dad, Scott (also racing in the series), stood in for her podium!

Girls Podium - 1st Alyssa, 2nd Emma
Boys Podium - 1st Randy,
2nd Liam, 3rd Cyrus

AZ Cross Boys Series Winners Podium:
1st - Liam, 2nd - Tanner (absent), 3rd - Randy
AZ Cross Girls Series Winners Podium:
1st - Emma, 2nd - Avery
(Dad, Scott, stand-in),
3rd - Alyssa 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Race Around the Farm - Gilbert, AZ

Race Around the Farm at Mother Nature's Farm in Gilbert

Day 1

Day 1 of the Race Round the Farm CX Race was a blast!  The venue was on a privately owned and operated working farm, complete with farm animals.  The kids were particularly enchanted with the turkeys.  The course itself was challenging, but tons of fun with run-ups, tough climbs, tight turns, and long straight-aways.  The sunny 60 degree weather couldn't have been better.  It was a fast start, and the pace continue high for the entire race.  Liam lead the junior boys for the entire race, coming in 1st.  Barrett had a tough time out, riding 2 laps on a flat.  He swapped bikes and kept moving, finishing 5th overall.  Emma lead the girls all the way to the finish, coming in an impressive 3 minutes and 42 seconds over 2nd place Alyssa, with Avery coming in for the final podium spot in 3rd.

Emma & Avery getting ready to race!
Barrett & Liam on the start line

Liam coming in for the win!!

Emma crossing the finish line in 1st!!

Avery coming in for a 3rd place podium spot!

Barrett finishing strong after riding 2
laps on a flat and changing bikes.

Girls Podium: 1st Emma, 2nd Alyssa, 3rd Avery

Boys Podium:  1st Liam, 2nd Randy, 3rd Cyrus

Race Round the Farm - Day 2

Day 2 was just as fun as day one, although decidedly more challenging.  The course was changed up a bit and proved to be tough for everyone out there - adults and juniors alike.  The Dynamix crew went out strong.  Liam lead the entire race, but was in close contention with Randy on the first lap.  Barrett was just behind the leaders in 4th and held on strong the entire race, missing the podium by just a few seconds.  Emma and Alyssa battled it out in the first 2 laps, but Alyssa began to gain distance on Emma and finished 1st.  All 3 Dynamix riders had such a great time in the first race they decided to stick around and race again in Cat 4/5!  All in all, it was a great weekend!!

Anxiously waiting for the start whistle

Liam in the lead to start with Emma and Barrett just behind

Barrett was all focus today!

Emma coming around in lap 1

Barrett coming down off a tough decent in total control

Emma cruising around the corner

Liam takes the win!

Barrett moved up to 4th today - missing the
3rd place podium spot by just a few seconds!!

Emma rolling in for a 2nd place finish

Boys Podium:  1st Liam, 2nd Randy, 3rd Cyrus

Girls Podium: 1st Alyssa, 2nd Emma