Monday, April 4, 2016

El Tour de Crit - Arizona State Criterium Championships

The Dynamix crew was out at El Tour de Crit AZ State Criterium Championships in Mesa yesterday. We had 3 racers lining up for the team - all in different categories.  Representing in the boys 11-12 was Liam, Barrett for boys 9-10, and Emma in the girls 9-10 category.

It was a mass start of all girls 18 and under and all boys 14 and under.  It was the largest peloton that the team has ever raced in.  Nerves were high, to say the least (probably more for the parent spectators!).

After the first couple of laps, the group started to splinter.  The lead group had most of the older kids, including Liam.  Not too far off the lead pack was Barrett, leading his age group.  Emma was also just off the back.  Racing unopposed, she tried her best to stay in with the 13-14 girls for as long as she could.

The lead group was riding at a very fast tempo!  Liam stayed with the pack for the entire race, coming in 3 place in a huge field.  It was a very impressive ride for the youngest rider in his age group!

Not too far off the lead group was Barrett, charging to the finish line to claim his first AZ State Criterium title!   It was an impressive win considering he has only been riding road for just a few months!

Emma found a companion on course in her buddy, Chase.  They worked as a team and crossed the finish line together, with Emma snagging her 2nd consecutive AZ State Crit title!  Chase came in a solid 3rd.
All in all, it was a wonderful day out at the championships.  It was exciting to see so many juniors racing.  The competition level was high, and our team stepped up to the challenge with 3 podium finishes and 2 state titles....congrats Team DD!!!
Emma - 2016 AZ State Crit Champion - Girls 9-10!

Barrett - 2016 AZ State Crit Champion - Boys 9-10

Liam - 3rd Place AZ State Crit Championships - Boys 11-12