Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Highly Faulkner South Mountain Time Trial

The Dynamix crew was out in force at the Highly Faulkner South Mountain Time Trial this past weekend.  We had 4 racers toe the line - Avery, Emma, Liam and Barrett.  This time trial is no joke - at 5.5 miles and 1100+ ft of vertical climbing!  But, all 4 stepped up to the challenge with great excitement and anticipation.  Each one of the them set a personal record on the course, with Avery finishing in just over 40 minutes, Emma just under 40, Barrett at 32 minutes, and Liam coming in under 30 minutes!  We ended up with 3 - 1st places finishes and 1 - 2nd place.  These kids never cease to amaze at what they can do on a bike at such a young age.  Congratulations to all 4 riders!

The crew descending South Mountain after completing their
individual time trial up