Tuesday, March 22, 2016

White Tanks Day 2 - AZ State MTB Championships

Day 2 of racing out at White Tanks was just as exciting as day one.  It was a winner take all state championship race, with a newly designed winners jersey on the line.  We, again, had 6 racers representing the Dynamix team.  This time, the girls outnumbered the boys, though.  For the girls we had Emma and Avery back for day 2 joined by Genevieve and Alana.  Liam and Barrett were back for day 2 racing in separate categories this time around.  The temperatures again soared well into the 90's making for a tough race.

The 11-12 boys and girls heading out

Up first was the 11-12 year old boys and girls.  Liam and Avery were off in this category racing strong.  Liam had another great start, getting the early lead.  He was passed on lap one and again held on for 2nd.  However, since the winner of the race was a non-resident, the top prize of the day went to Liam.  Avery had another solid performance, coming in 2nd overall in her category!

Barrett, Emma, Genevieve, and Alana were up next for the 9-10 category.  Emma got off the line and into the single track ahead of the entire pack.  She traded back and for with Genevieve for the lead for most of the first lap.  She was able to pass and hold on for the win.  Genevieve came in an impressive 2nd for her 2nd ever mountain bike race!  Her little sister, Alana, at age 7 was the youngest racer of the day.  This was her first shot at racing.  She made it through lap one in just 31 minutes, which is pretty impressive considering her age and size.  Barrett held strong for the entire race coming in a solid 2nd place, snagging a coveted podium spot.

9-10 boys and girls heading out

The final tally for the weekend:

8 podiums with 3 first place and 5 second place finishes
2 Arizona State MTB champions

Boys 11-12 podium
Girls 11-12 podium

Boys 9-10 podium
Girls 9-10 podium

We want to give a big thank you to all the parents who braved the heat to support our kids and to all of our amazing sponsors that make it all possible!  We couldn't do it without all the support!!  Next up...Arizona State Criterium Championships in April.  'Til then...

Dynamix Devo rockstars!

Monday, March 21, 2016

White Tanks Whirlwind - MBAA #4

White Tanks Whirlwind lived up to its name this weekend - truly a whirlwind of exciting races!  The team was out in full force this weekend, with races on both Saturday and Sunday.  The MBAA was up first with its 4th race of the series.  We had 6 racers on course for the Dynamix crew for the first race. For the girls, we had Avery and Emma racing in the 9-11 category.  The boys consisted of Karson for the 12-14 boys, and Liam, Barrett, and Silas for 9-11 boys.  With summer weather upon us and temperatures soaring into the mid-90's, all the racers were going to have to dig deep to finish.

Boys & Girls 9-11 off the start line

First up was Karson.  He was racing in a field of 21 riders, finishing a solid 14th.  He improved on his lap times from last year even though he had to race an extra lap this year.  He was consistent and solid for the entire race.

Karson was all focus out on course

The 9-11 boys and girls were up next.  Liam got out to an early lead with Barrett and Silas not far behind.  Liam was only able to hold the lead for the better half of lap one before being past.  He dug deep and held on to 2nd.  Barrett, who continues to improve with each race, came in a very strong 4th  - holding a steady pace for all 3 laps.  Silas, who was racing his first ever mountain bike race, finished 12th in a field of 25.  He didn't let pre-race jitters get the best of him and raced like a pro!

Silas looking strong in his first
ever MTB race
Liam making his way to a
2nd place finish

Barrett keeping a fast and steady
pace through all 3 laps

For the girls, Emma was first to the single track.  She was able to maintain her lead throughout the race.  Avery, who hasn't raced mountain bikes in almost a year, also had an amazing race.  She was taken down at the start by tangled handle bars, but didn't let that stop her.  She was dead last entering the single track, but clawed her way back up into a 2nd place finish!  These girls are no joke!

Emma flying on her way to her
4th MBAA victory of the season!
Avery overcame a crash at the start to
take 2nd in her filed of 7

Left:  Junior boys 9-11
Right:  Junior girls 9-11 (3rd place not available for podiums)
A BIG thank you to Deanna Young and Scott Wortendyke for the amazing race day photos!  With just 1 race in the MBAA series to go, it will be exciting to see how the season wraps up in June....stay tuned!!!

Monday, March 14, 2016

Kenda Cup West #1 - Vail Lake Resort

Last week, a group of us traveled to Temecula, California to take part in the first race of the Kenda Cup West series.  It was our first out-of-state trip, and everyone was very excited!  The race was held at Vail Lake Resort on a rolling, fast, and fun course.  We had 3 racers suiting up for the day - Emma racing girls 14 & under, Barrett racing boys 9-10, and Liam lining up for the boys 11-12.  The weather had been great all weekend...until race time.  The rain and wind came fast and furious!  Also complicating matters was the mass start the didn't distinguish who was racing in which category.  In spite all of this, the kids went out fast and strong and finished with solid times.  All 3 landed podium spots:  Liam and Barrett both came in 3rd, and Emma finished 4th as one of (if not the) youngest racers on the day.  We were very proud of their grit and determination in the face of difficult conditions!  Way to go Team Dynamix!!!

Getting ready to head out in the pouring rain and fierce wind

After the race, the sun was shining and the kids were all smiles!